Usman Peguero joins the Ulster Orchestra

Chineke! violinist Usman Peguero has won a position with the Ulster Orchestra.

Image credit: Southbank Sinfonia

Image credit: Southbank Sinfonia

Founded in 1966, the Ulster Orchestra has been at the forefront of musical life in Northern Ireland and the Orchestra’s full-time musicians form the region’s only professional symphony orchestra.

US musician Usman Peguero started violin studies in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A strong advocate for music education, he played with the Youth Orchestra of the Americas in their Caribbean and Canada tours, participating in outreach activities in Haiti, Canada and Jamaica.

He holds a Bachelor's degree from Florida International University, and a Master's degree from University of North Texas in USA. After moving to London, Usman worked with the Southbank Sinfonia and in freelance roles.

Usman is a great ambassador for the Chineke! ethos of making music accessible to everyone everywhere.

Many congratulations on your new role, Usman!

I believe music has the power to break cultural barriers and change people’s lives. Nowadays, I continue my journey with a reinforced sense of this calling.

On a regular basis I am able to see how music continues to touch me, and all the others around. When we make personal and meaningful connections with music, we become more sensitive and are empathetic towards each other.

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